waxing atlanta ga
Men's Back $ 40.00 Half Back $ 20.00
Back $ 30.00 Stomach $ 20.00
Butt $ 20.00 Brazilian $ 38.00
Bikini $ 20.00 Half Legs $ 28.00
Legs $ 40.00 Under Arms $ 10.00
Half Arms $ 18.00 Arms $ 25.00
Upper lip Eyebrows
Chest Ears
Nose Forehead
Neck Sides

Waxing In Atlanta

Waxing is a wonderful option to get rid of the unwanted hairs from your body. Get the best legs & arm waxing in Atlanta to walk out with a smooth, glossy, and hair-free skin. Do you want a clean and a nice bikini line? Ifyouwant to flaunt your body worry-free in your sporting bathing suits performing a Brazilian waxing in Atlanta, wax will help you to put in your bikini suit confidently. Stop by at Miracle Beauty Salon to get the best Bikini waxing in Atlanta. Men’s body waxing is no different than the process of waxing in women; we do male waxing in Atlanta as carefully as we do for women.

A lot of people opt for waxing at home or shaving to get rid of the unwanted hairs from their body parts but this may not give you the results you desire. It may leave patches of hair without you noticing it as your hands may not reach out that area to pull it out. Waxing can give you a hairless finish that can last much longer than shaving. We understand that for some women waxing could be a painful procedure and they dread the process of hair removal so we do it with utmost care. We also provide men and women haircut in Atlanta. Visit us for getting the best body waxing in Atlanta.