Prevent Dry Skin After A Waxing Session

Sometimes people will experience dry skin after getting a body waxing treatment, but it’s completely preventable in most cases by going through proper pre-care and post-care techniques. The waxing procedure naturally removes some of the oils from the skin and can lead to dryness. In severe cases, you may experience flaky skin, dull-looking skin, cracked skin and other possible irritations. A professional can provide helpful suggestions to prevent this from happening. Here are some simple tips to consider.

Don’t Make Your Bath or Shower Too Hot

If the water in your bath or shower is too hot, you may be causing more harm to your skin than good following a body waxing treatment. Instead, opt for a warm bath and incorporate moisturizers like coconut oil. These natural ingredients will keep your skin smooth and healthy. Be sure to also avoid scrubbing your body with soap or other body gels, since the more you scrub, the more oils you remove and dry skin could follow. And when you get out, gently pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it harshly. Making these simple changes can maintain the necessary amount of oils on the skin and keep it from drying out too much.

Be Diligent With Using Moisturizers

Keep moisturizing products handy after your body waxing session to help the skin recover easier. Wait at least one day before using them, though, in order to give your skin pores time to close. If you deal with dry skin on a regular basis, consider a thicker moisturizer so it will last longer and protect better. Some waxing professionals will suggest using specific moisturizers prior to your waxing appointment to make sure the skin is hydrated. Doing so may make the body waxing treatment more effective and reduce the chances of experiencing dry skin afterward.

Stay Well Hydrated

Hydration is always a major factor in having healthy skin. It’s even more important to prioritize hydration after a body waxing session. Be sure to drink the recommended eight glasses of water each day at least and combine it with a healthy diet. Foods like avocados, fish and nuts all promote healthy skin and can work wonders in conjunction with sufficient water intake.