Collagen Facial, Why You Need It?

If your skin is looking tired & dull, it needs collagen. If you are looking more than your age, your skin is asking for collagen. Have your skin turned dry & perched? All it needs to repair itself is collagen. Yes, collagen is that important for your skin.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein, naturally available in mammals. It is a key element of the dermal tissue & is responsible for skin quality, texture & elasticity. Naturally the human skin has its own ability to synthesize collagen, which keeps the skin healthy, nourished & taut over time. However, the continuous on slaughter of pollution, harmful sunrays, stress & aging not only depletes the natural collagen level present in the skin, but also reduces its natural synthesis rate. As a result the skin becomes dull, lifeless, dry, wrinkled & makes you look more than your age.

So, boosting the collagen levels of your skin is always an effective way to give it a new life. Collagen facial is a treatment designed to deliver a good amount of collagen & collagen supportive ingredients to the skin which also helps in rejuvenating the natural collagen synthesis process.

Collagen Facial

Collagen facial starts with thorough cleansing & exfoliation with professional grade products. Proper skin exfoliation naturally improves the collagen synthesis rate of the skin as well as enhances the absorbance of the products to be applied next. In order to ensure proper exfoliation, products with natural AHAs are used in the process.

High Frequency facial machine is used in Collagen facial to improve the efficiency of the treatment products & also to offer instant results.

The collagen enriched cream fusion massage is the most important part of the facial as it helps in boosting the skin collagen reserve. The use of skin tightening massage techniques & advanced machines also help in delivering the collagen boosting molecules into the deeper layers of the skin.

After massage, the collagen pack is applied on the skin which helps in firming the skin & also provides supplemental benefits that make the skin look rejuvenated & youthful instantly. This advanced & professionally designed collagen facial treatment includes ingredients like vitamin C & retinol, which are easily absorbed into the skin & offers effective results also in the long term by boosting the natural repairing mechanism of the skin.

The facial is finished by applying a protective serum on the skin which helps in keeping the effects of the facial intact & unaffected by pollution & sunrays.

The best thing about collagen facial is that it gives instant results as well as long term benefits. In order to make the effects of this collagen boosting, completely non-invasive treatment, monthly follow ups are highly effective.

The benefits of Collagen facial at a glance

  • Intense & long lasting hydration for skin
  • Rejuvenation of skin texture & complexion
  • Softer, brighter & more radiant skin instantly
  • Smoothning of fine lines with regular treatment
  • Supports natural youthfulness of the skin
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Professional treatment with instant as well as long term benefits