tips for eyebrow threading by miracle beauty salon

Eyebrow threading is an ancient and old method for hair removal. If you want to remove your unwanted hair form your eyebrow than you should remove your hair by eyebrow threading instead of waxing.

Here are some useful tips for eyebrow threading which help you:


Firstly you need to cut the piece of thread around 10-12 inches long. If your finger are bigger than you should take longer than 12 inches piece of thread.

Then tie the knot of thread for making a loop.


Insert two fingers from both hands into the loop. Be sure to keep the knot on your fingers to keep it hidden.

To make an ‘X’ just twist your fingers on one hand.

You should be twist few more times is good enough.


Then place your index finger and thumb inner side the loop.

Keep the fingers of one hand pinched along whereas you open the fingers of other hand. This may slide the twisted a part of the thread over.


What you wish to do is be sure you pull the hair in the other direction of the way it grows. So, keep your one hand upper side of the brow and other will be lower side of the brow.  

Place your hair where you want to pull out in the ‘V’ part of the thread.


Open the fingers of the opposite hand to place the twist back in the center.

Then you can repeat step 4 over again.


When threading close to hair you do not want removed, you will use the thread to push the hair out of the way.

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