how to care your henna tattoo instructions by miraclebeautysalon

Sometimes when you get wedding henna tattoos there is not a lot of time to go over the aftercare in great detail. At places like a party, festival or free henna event we might hand out an aftercare sheet with the basic instructions. Today we give you more details about aftercare Henna for the ambitious client.

Here the complete aftercare information with all the details:

  1. Choose clothes that will not touch even after the design is dried. It will dry in the first hour. Once the paste is applied be sure to protect the design from anyone or anything touching.
  2. Leave the henna paste on for 4-6 hours or longer. Overnight is best. You can secure the paste with a lemon/sugar solution to help it stay on. However, how quickly the paste falls off will depend on your care, the weather and the henna mixture.
  3. Let the paste fall off-on its own. After the 5-6 hours you can brush it off or use a small amount of oil to dislodge the paste. Do not remove with water.
  4. Do not get the design wet for at least 12 hours, 24 hours is better. Getting it wet will stop the activation and it may not get darker over the next 2 days.
  5. At first, the design will be an orange color then it will darken to a brown/red color within 2 days. How dark it gets will depend on where you put it, and the quality of the henna mixture.
  6. Henna stains best on the hands, feet, and wrists because it stains dead layers of skin. Other parts of the body stain lighter due to a thinner skin layer.
  7. Use lotion or body oil to protect the henna tattoo over the next few weeks. The design should last 1-3 week but depends on how fast your skin exfoliates.
  8. Do not exfoliate the area. Hot tubs, swimming pools and salt water will take the design off quickly.

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