henna tattoo atlanta

Henna Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia

The artists of Miracle Beauty Salon have 10+ years experience in this temporary henna tattoo art. They able to do traditional, tribal and many other styles of henna tattoo.

Henna tattoo is not at all like ink, but it is an herbal dye which cannot be harmful for your body skin. Each artist will make their own special art to give you the long lasting stain possible.

Henna tattoo is not weather art style! When you get your henna, be sure to walk around and have some fun under sun.

Generally, we prefer to draw our special henna art for client. If they want to draw their own henna tattoo, so we also would love to do it and welcome them. You also can like our Facebook Page

We have wide range of ideas for new and latest henna tattoo designs.  Also we are running with latest trends. Henna tattoo is not only for seasonal; it can be for all the occasion, parties or for any of the event when you feel comfortable for it.