choosing right hair henna color for your needs

It is a tricky thing to choose or picking color your hair henna. If you want to color your hair or dye henna on your hair then you should be sure about what type of henna dye or color you want to do with your hair. Because it will help you further while color or dye your hair. You must hire an expert who will help you to dye your hair and suggest you in right way after finished it.


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So how do you pick henna color that is right for you?

The hair color result of any henna application will be highly uncommon due to differences in hair color, thickness and texture. The best hair henna dyeing tips is to always pick a shade that is lighter than original color which help to achieve what you want color on your hair. For example, if you wanted dark brown hair, then the best color to begin with is medium brown hair henna.

Sometimes to achieve the right color for your hair, you just need henna red shade and other multiple applications are necessary. You can also apply again as often as you like, giving at least 72 hours between each application. Window of 72 hours for that henna has enough time oxidize in your hair.

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