Simple Everyday Eye Makeup Tips

Things You Will Need for Eye Makeup:

# Concealer and foundation

# Face impact

# Eye shadow

# Black liner pencil/Kajal pencil

# Liquid eyeliner

# Mascara

# Lash curler

# Pink liner

# Pink lipstick

# Lip gloss

# Small pink blusher.

How to Apply Eye Makeup?

STEP 1: Use a brown eyeliner pencil and mark a line as close as possible to your upper eye lashes. Then apply dim, earth-toned brown shadow along with the line of your eyelid. Brush lighter brown shadow on your eye lid.

STEP 2: Just twirl your eyelashes and apply mascara. If your lashes are short, use thicker mascara instead of lengthier one.

STEP 3: To make your eyes seem bigger, sketch a thick line with your inner lower eyelid with a brighter pencil. A white pencil works with non-brighter skin, and selects a golden pencil for darker complexions.  

STEP 4: Dab a small piece of cream blush just below your brow bone. Blend with your pinkie down toward the line of your eyelid.

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