Modern Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo is one of the most heard words when it comes to wedding or any traditional function.  But what is henna or how it is made. Henna is a flowering plant used for the dying skin and hairs too. The plant leaves are dried and then turned into fine powder form to make a paste which can be applied on hands and other body parts. This art of applying henna is also known as Mehndi.

In the today’s modern era, every culture and region around the world uses henna tattoo in various unique ways. In India and in some other countries, henna is painted on hand to symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual awakening.   Indian tattoos feature fine lines and floral patterns, while Arabic henna designs tend to be larger in scale and African henna patterns are more bold and geometric.

Henna tattoos give different look and feel on depending on where you get it. In summer it’s good to apply henna on hands and other parts, as in nature henna is much cooler. Also henna tattoo is not like permanent tattoo, it stays for a week or month after that you can again get tattoo with a different design.

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