How to Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly

Threading, tweezing, sugaring or brows shaping, all things we do as women to look prettier that never ending. There are so many components that we need to consider for our body part.

We provides services best eyebrow threading at Atlanta.Before you follow the steps to get the perfect shaped eyebrows, it is reasonable to thinking about eyebrow size and shape related to your face.

Find Your Starting Point

No eyebrows are same for all. We all have the different beginning and end points, and you will need to discover where yours are. To make your eyebrows look pretty and attractive, you just need to begin them with particular point in the line with your nose.

You can apply your tweezers for this. Flip them top down and carry them to your face. Your eyebrows will begin so they are in line with outside border of your nose.

Find Your Ending Point

Keep in mind, it's not quite recently the begin that you have to discover. The end is similarly as essential, and this isn't just about how far down you need your eyebrows to sit.

Once more, use your tweezers to give you the straight border that you want. Put them back to the beginning point and then rotate top around your eye, maintaining the point of tweezers by your nose. You must keep doing until the tweezers are sitting at the outer side corner of your eye, in a straight line.

Eyeliner or Eyebrow pencil is best way for making your marks. They are much easier to see and will come straight off when you clean your face at the end.

Decide on Brow Thickness

This is the point where you have to talk little about it. You can select how thick or thin eyebrows that you want. You can also think about the hair of head how thickness it will be good for that it will be suitable for your threaded eyebrows.

Try to keep away from thickness having more than half an inch. If you have highly thick eyebrows with strays at upside, you also can tweeze up after that.

Shape the arch

Since you have the thickness, it's a great opportunity to shape the curve of your eyebrows. This will mean culling simply over your eyebrow pencil line, however just on a particular piece of your eyebrow.

Put your tweezers in the middle of your eye and make mark the center point of the eyebrow. Your curve will begin just to the external side of that point, and won't extend too far to the end. The point is to make a tail to the finish of your eyebrow.

Tidy up Your Eyebrows

Now you have the shape, it’s time to get things up in orderly. Begin with brushing your eyebrows upside. This is also a best way to see how long your eyebrows actually are so you can trim them where it needed.

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