How to Get Long Lasting Henna Tattoo

STEP 1: Clean your body part very well with soap and dry it, where you want to get a henna tattoo.

STEP 2: Apply tiger balm before you start to get it.

STEP 3: Put paste on skin for as long as possible. Also remember to keep the paste steamy. The more drawn out the better.

STEP 4: Continue spraying lemon sugar water on the skin for couple of hours. Make sure you don’t apply excessively else the henna paste will be weaker and may destroy the tattoo outline.

STEP 5: Warmth is companion of henna. Heating your henna design with henna paste, so it will help you to getting dark henna. You can warm your henna drawn part over the stove, in front of fireplace or even use a heating pad.

STEP 6: Apply more lemon sugar water. Warm it again. (Be careful & not burn yourself, a little warm temperature is better.)

STEP 7: Use cotton balls and glue them onto the sticky henna design. Cover up with an old sock, toilet paper or medical bandage… anything will work, to stay the henna paste on the skin and save the design from messing & various households. You can cover up your henna design with different layers of tissue paper and then single layer of plastic wrap to retain warm.

Alert:  Do not sweat too excessively or the plastic wrap will bring your wonderful henna design to smear.

STEP 8: After 6-8 hours, don’t clean off with soap and water. Drag the paste off wisely. Once the paste is dry, it will remove very easily without any struggle.

STEP 9: Avoid the contact of water for next 24 hours, so it couldn’t mess your henna design.

STEP 10: As long as the henna paste still on your body part, just avoid the direct sun light.

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