How To Make Straight Hair Curly


To encourage a curl in straight hair, start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. The INVIGO Volume Boost range will create a bouncy base, because the formulas are so lightweight. Avoid too-rich; deeply moisturizing shampoos that tend to weigh lengths down. The extra weight means that any curl you coif is more likely to drop out.


When creating curls in naturally straight hair, the main goal is to make them last. Get your post-wash, pre-styling prep right, and you’ll be able to hold on to the texture for longer. We recommend applying some best products for drying your hair, as it gives you up to 48 hours of shape memory – ideal for day-to-night styles.


To get long-lasting curls, the best way to dry the hair is to use a round brush to lift the roots and round the ends ready for tong styling or rollers. Essentially, giving you a curly blow dry and then enhancing the curves with tongs will give the best results. Keep in mind that, if your hair is very fine or tends to drop easily, you will need to go in with a small barrel curling tong and gently finger-comb the ringlets to get the desired shape. Finish the look with a flexible crafting spray, which allows you to further sculpt your style before it sets your curls in place.