Get ready for evening makeup

Eyeliner is much less demanding when utilizing a pencil. Pick the correct pencil shade for your and ensure it is sharp. Ensure the tip of the pencil is a smooth and pointy complete to make it less demanding to apply. We are the expert who provide beautiful evening makeup for you. Keep the skin tight and hold the eyeliner with an unfaltering hand and begin from the outside corner of the eye taking after the lash line.

Before we start your make up make sure your face is clean, so we suggest do the facial on face and then we start makeup. Otherwise it’s looks oily. Choose whether you suit cool shades, for example, light blue, light pink or yellow or dull shades, for example, cocoa, dark blue, red. Pick a shading that suits your skin sort and dress. A hot shade and pattern for eyeshadow is purple.

Our salon has many other services for you. For example henna tattoo for your body, Bridal mehndi, Hair henna treatment and many more.