Choose The Perfect Eyeliner

Basic types of eyeliners are pencil, gel or liquid.  They have their own special application and skill level.

  1. Pencil: Most common type and perfect for an everyday look. Most of times people make one biggest mistake that is they are not regularly sharpen their pencils. To keep clean and bacteria-free you should sharpen your pencil, sharpening your pencil ensures you can get your line as close to your lash line as possible. Dulled, rounded off points make for good shading but they lack the precision needed to connect your lash line to your lashes for that seamless appearance. Sharpen them regularly but one thing keep in mind that not too sharp.


  1. Gel:  it is in a gel based and to apply this you need a brush.  It is important that you should know how much you want to used them for applying on your eyes but with a pencil where it’s mostly a controlled amount.


 Gels have creamy consistency so they can glide across the eyelid.  But with gel there is one disadvantage that is it is come in gels form and housed in pots and can dry out faster than other formulas.


  1. Liquid: liquid is most advanced liners.  But should take care while using this kind of eyeliners. You need to master in applying this kind of eyeliners for perfect look.  The grace needed for proper application, these inky beauties are unparalleled at creating cat-eyes and other eye shapes.