Best Brazilian Waxing Salon in Atlanta

We only use natural Brazilian wax which made from Brazil. Our expertise uses hard wax and very own organic sugar paste to remove 100% of the hair leaving you smoothen, clean and fresh in this area. Most customers clean up very well after around 2-3 pulls maximum but we have seen hair 100% removed after 1 pull depending on how often you wax. We favor you to wax regular 3-4 weeks for maximum result and comfort. So, please don’t swim, tan or use harmful preservatives on the sensitive skin until after 24 hours for maximum skin relief.

We will treat your sensitive skin after every wax to help any confusion and annoyance. We extremely recommend removal after 24 hours of treatments to help with extra grown hairs during we can remove the ones on top of the skin while regular removal every 3 days will help the unwanted hairs become less frequent comparatively to using hair removal methods.

Feel great to getting legs & arms waxing, or feel good of smooth skin all over with full body wax.

We are very professional, strict with process, licensed and experienced, and do not double dip. We simply scrap of sticks immediately after it will be used once. We do not recycle the wax again. Our salon is very clean, warm and inviting. And our simple goal is to remove 100% hair in less time.

We have the best and expertise artist of Brazilian Waxing in Atlanta at our Miracle Beauty Salon. We provide you the best services and make you feel calm and comfortable so you’ll come again and again at our Salon.