5 Things to Do Before and After Bikini Waxing

Such a variety of things we do in the name of beauty and Bikini Waxing tops the graph of the most struggling beauty treatments ever. So while a lot of ladies worried from getting a bikini waxing done until they are getting married, here are some important tips by Miracle Beauty Salon – Atlanta that can make your experience easier or maybe the though a bit more approachable.

Learn to removal your bikini area a few days before waxing

Select for a kindly removing scrub for your delicate skin. The removal will remove dead skin cells that touched with extra grown hair. This will make the waxing bit less difficult.

Shaving a quarter inch of hair

Trim your hair and will leave at least a quarter inch of hair; so that it can be easily pulled out by waxing. Hair lesser than that will cause more pain and will even need repeated no. of waxing strips.

​​​​​​​Must avoid waxing around periods

Avoiding waxing during periods, the reason is simple; your skin is extremely delicate around your menstrual cycle. Minimize the pain by ignoring to waxing at this time and instead select for a delayed waxing schedule.

​​​​​​​Don’t scrub, removal or swim for at least 3 days post bikini waxing

Goes without telling, the hot waxing will make your skin smoother and there will be a lot of swelling so don't swim or removal to make it worse.​​​​​​​

Avoid extreme sweating

To handle extreme sweating, just avoid to wearing skin tight clothes and outfits. Keep distance from infection and let your skin breathe and set back to normal within 48 hours (2 days).

Follow these simple steps and make sure that you get yourself waxed with routine schedules to get best possible results.