Eyebrow Threading In Atlanta

Eyebrow Threading

The first thing that one notices in your face is your eyes. So the brows that lie right above your eyes should also be given equal weightage. It is one of the important features of your face that can enhance your natural beauty. Well-shaped eyebrows can add structure to the face and can highlight eyes better than any other cosmetic product can do. Do you know over-plucking or over-tweezing the eyebrows can make a person look older than her real age?

We, at Miracle Beauty Salon, understand that every human being is different in their physical characteristics, thus, a simple technique such as threading is also given equal importance to give you distinguished look. Even we do best facial in Atlanta, that increase or restore the appearance of your face. Well-shaped eyebrows can frame the face and makeyour eyes to stand out and your face to appear brighter. Walk-in to Miracle Beauty Salon to get the best eyebrow threading in Atlanta and enhance your natural beauty.

Threading Price

Eyebrows $ 9.00
Upper lip $ 5.00
Lower lip $ 3.00
Chin $ 7.00
Neck $ 8.00
Sides $ 10.00
Forehead $ 5.00
Full Face $ 30.00
Eyebrow Tinting $ 10.00
Eyebrow Threading Image

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup, Bridal Heena Tattoo

Almost every woman is well-versed with the art of applying makeup but when it comes to the big day, everything ought to be perfect and there is no scope for even minor mistakes. There is no bride in the world who does not want to look beautiful on her wedding day.Are you looking out for a professional that can beautify your looks on your special day and make you look stunning? Makeup artist at Miracle beauty salon can help you with your bridal makeup such that your man cannot take his eyes off you. There will already be a lot of things on which you will have to ponder a lot and we d o not want the wedding makeup should stress you out even more. We want you to be stress free and enjoy every moment of your wedding while you dazzle on your big day.

We provide Perfect Threading in Atlanta with great deal on it. We offer the best Indian bridal makeup in Atlanta and guarantee you the smile that would come to you when you see yourself in the mirror after we complete the wedding makeup.

Bridal Makeup Price

Make-up and Hair $ 200.00
Bridal Henna $ 150.00 & up
*consult or ask now about our special bridal packages!*
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Facial In Atlanta

Facial - Miracle Beauty Salon

Facial is a procedure that can improve the appearance of your skin as well as relax and soothe you. Facial is a great way to exfoliate your skin and purify it from within. If you have an oily skin, or a dry skin, or even a combination of both, a good facial is going to even out the texture of your skin. Facial works by exfoliating the outer layer of the skin and brings down the appearance of beauty flaws such as scars, wrinkles, and blemishes.

We guarantee the best face skin care in Atlanta. We have a great makeup artist in our salon and they provide Beautiful Makeup in Atlanta. Visit us today to spend a quality “me-time” while we pamper you with our best-in-class spa facial in Atlanta.

Facial Price

European $ 60.00
Dermalogica Facial $ 60.00 & up
Deluxe Facial $ 75.00
Back Facial $ 30.00
Scalp Treatment $ 30.00
Express $ 25.00
Facial Image - Miracle Beauty Salon

Hair Treatment In Atlanta

Haircut Treatment - Miracle Beauty Salon

A perfect hair cut is much more than only a few snips with a pair of scissors. Even if a pair of scissors is snipped with the best possible perfection over your hair, it may still go wrong if the haircut is performed on the wrong face structure. The well-performed hair cut can still be a disaster. The shape and geometry of your face is crucial when deciding which hair cut you should opt for. Deciding the structure of your face and getting a hairstyling can be confusing. But if you are looking out for best haircuts salon in Atlanta then you have landed on the right website. Our team is very popular to provide Henna Tattoo in Atlanta. We take pride in being able to provide best hair cut in Atlanta. Miracle Beauty Salon also employs the best mens hairstylist in Atlanta.

Hair Treatment Price

Men's hair cut $ 20.00 & up
Men's hair cut with shampooing $ 35.00 & up
Women's haircut with shampoo & blow dry $ 55.00 & up
Color (men) $ 29.00
Color (women) after consulting
Shampoo & blow dry $ 35.00 & up
Highlight foil $ 85.00
Straightening after consulting
Perm after consulting
* prices may vary according to length, density, and texture.
Female Haircut Image
Male Haircut Image

Hair Henna In Atlanta

Hair Heena - Miracle Beauty Salon

Do you want to cover your gray hairs but sceptical about using chemicals for dyeing? Opt for hair henna to cover your grays and get a deep conditioning of your hair that will result in health, strong, and shiny hair. While it may sound easy, but applying henna on your own may sound tricky as you have to decide the colour of henna such as Marron, Brun, Rouge, and Noir that suits your skin tone? Do not take the hassle of doing it all by yourself, count on us to give you best hair henna in Atlanta at prices that will suit your budget.

Hair Henna Prices

Hair Henna $ 40.00 & up
Hair Heena Image

Henna Tattoo In Atlanta

Heena Tattoo, Bridal Heena Tattoo - Miracle Beauty Salon

Getting a tattoo done could be rather an expensive and a permanent procedure. Considering the cost of getting a tattoo and removing it, you might want to opt for henna tattoo. Henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo and is applied on the surface of the skin with a dye made out of crushed leaves of henna plant. The tattoo can last on your skin depending on your skin type and your body temperature

At Miracle Beauty Salon, we have the best henna tattoo artist in Atlanta and can imprint the designs that will make you as well as others stare on your tattoo. We provide hair henna in Atlanta as well. Stop by to ask for our best henna tattoo designs in Atlanta.

Henna Tattoo Prices

Henna Tattoo $ 15 & up
Hand - Heena Tattoo Image
Legs - Heena Tattoo Image

Waxing In Atlanta

Brailian Waxing - Miracle Beauty Salon

Waxing is a wonderful option to get rid of the unwanted hairs from your body. Get the best legs and arm waxing in Atlanta to walk out with a smooth, glossy, and hair-free skin. Do you want a clean and a nice bikini line? Ifyouwant to flaunt your body worry-free in your sporting bathing suits performing a Brazilian wax in Atlanta wax will help you to put in your bikini suit confidently. Stop by at Miracle Beauty Salon to get the best bikini wax in Atlanta. Men’s body waxing is no different than the process of waxing in women; we do male waxing in Atlanta as carefully as we do for women.

A lot of people opt for waxing at home or shaving to get rid of the unwanted hairs from their body parts but this may not give you the results you desire. It may leave patches of hair without you noticing it as your hands may not reach out that area to pull it out. Waxing can give you a hairless finish that can last much longer than shaving. We understand that for some women waxing could be a painful procedure and they dread the process of hair removal so we do it with utmost care. We also provide men and women haircut in Atlanta. Visit us for getting the best body waxing in Atlanta.

Waxing Prices

Arms $ 25.00
Half Arms $ 18.00
Underarms $ 10.00
Legs $ 40.00
Half Leg $ 28.00
Bikini $ 20.00
Brazilian $ 30.00
Butt $ 20.00
Stomach $ 20.00 & up
Back $ 30.00
Half Back $ 20.00 & up
Men's back $ 40.00
Men's Legs $ 50.00 & up
Men's Arms $ 30.00
Sugar Waxing Image

Make Up In Atlanta

Make Up - Miracle Beauty Salon

One thing almost every self-conscious woman may like is stepping out of home with perfection. Women are crazy about good clothes, jewelleries, and makeup and most certainly these factors give women confidence. For some events you have to put on the make up in a way that blends well with colour of the event. Of all the reasons why you should get your makeup done from a professional makeup artist when you are going for a special party, the primary one is that you may not have all the makeup products in all shades and colours to get the look you desire. The magical touch of an expert will surely make you that you are in the spot light of the event.

We have artist who expert in Bridal makeup in Atlanta. On getting a makeup done from us you are sure to conclude that we are the best makeup salon in Atlanta.

Make Up Prices

Evening Make-Up $ 60.00
Up-do/Curls $ 65.00
Evening Make-Up and Hair $ 95.00
Eye lash extensions $ 50.00
Face Makeup Image

Our Services


Threading is an ancient indian procedure that evacuates undesirable hair by winding a cotton string.


Wedding dress is one time investment, so boutique put all thair effort and make you feel special.


Facial make your appearance more clear. If you have sensitive skin then you have to do the facial frequently.

Hair Cut

If you need best haircut, you need some good ideas and you need to know what to ask your stylist.

Hair Henna

Henna is a natural, It’s a organic hair dye. Using a henna has too many benefits. Every color coat stand in glorious color.

Henna Tattoo

Heena tattoo is last long from one to three weeks on skin, depending on your body temperature, skin type and where to put on body.


Waxing can be the effective to remove the hair from your body. Whether its offering waxing for men or ladies.

Make Up

These days you don’t have to worry about your skin tone weather if it fair skin or dark skin, you found the shade in many brand.