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Facial for any types of skin

Posted in: Facial

Have you ever had a facial and later felt like your skin was actually worse than it was before the facial? If yes...Then there is te Big problem choice of facial which did not suit your skin type...

Facial massage involves sequence of ma...

Get ready for evening makeup

Posted in: Make-Up

Eyeliner is much less demanding when utilizing a pencil. Pick the correct pencil shade for your and ensure it is sharp. Ensure the tip of the pencil is a smooth and pointy complete to make it less ...

Waxing for sensitive skin

Posted in: Waxing

Waxing is a semi-changeless approach to expel hair from the root, taking anywhere in the range of 2 weeks to a month and a half for hair to become back. We have to be careful when we doing

Bridal makeup for wedding

Posted in: Bridal

One thing almost every self-conscious woman may like is stepping out of home with perfection. Women are crazy about good clothes, jewelleries, and makeup and most certainly these factors give women...