We only use natural Brazilian wax which made from Brazil. Our expertise uses hard wax and very own organic sugar paste to remove 100% of the hair leaving you smoothen, clean and fresh in this area. Most customers clean up very well after around 2-3 pulls maximum but we have seen hair 100% removed after 1 pull depending on how often you wax. We favor you to wax regular 3-4 weeks for maximum result and comfort. So, please don’t swim, tan or use harmful preservatives on the sensitive skin until after 24 hours for maximum skin relief.

We will treat your sensitive skin after every wax to help any confusion and annoyance. We extremely recommend removal after 24 hours of treatments to help with extra grown hairs during we can remove the ones on top of the skin while regular removal every 3 days will help the unwanted hairs become less frequent comparatively to using hair removal methods.

Feel great to getting legs & arms waxing, or feel good of smooth skin all over with full body wax.

We are very professional, strict with process, licensed and experienced, and do not double dip. We simply scrap of sticks immediately after it will be used once. We do not recycle the wax again. Our salon is very clean, warm and inviting. And our simple goal is to remove 100% hair in less time.

We have the best and expertise artist of Brazilian Waxing in Atlanta at our Miracle Beauty Salon. We provide you the best services and make you feel calm and comfortable so you’ll come again and again at our Salon.

By Miracle Beauty Salon


What is stands for Brazilian waxing?
It is one kind of waxing which including bikini area. The process normally includes an entire removal of hair from the bikini area, front to back. In Brazil itself, it is not recognize by Brazilian Waxing, but it’s called by waxing or plucking hair.
Here’s why it is worth it:
•    It takes less time (The first time, takes an hour or so, but generally it takes around 50 minutes.)
•    Monthly service far enough for waxing. It is totally opposite to shaving, which needs to be maintaining almost every day.
•    We charged simple or give a better discount if you come on regular service.
•     The hair removed or pulled by the root, so over time hair will not re-growing easily and hair can be a softer and thick.
•    It is an expert service and feels like pampering. Miracle Beauty Salon use essential oil, fresh sheets, light candles and play music.
•    Women feel “cleanse” after they get.
•    Unwanted hair mostly related with shaving is more painful.
•    Hair of body is not included in fashion. 
At our Salon, we have the best expert for Brazilian waxing. So just book your appointment now get the best the service.

By Miracle Beauty Salon


Here are few importants tips by Miracle Beauty Salon:

Prepare For Brazilian Wax:

Before you going for Brazilian Wax, It is compulsory know your skin type. Ultimately, this is all about the most delicate area of your body.

  1. Firstly, choose the well respected salon or parlor and task should be assigned to someone who has experience and mastery in it.
  2. Book your appointment a week after menstrual cycle. Because it hurts the most a week before periods. Through periods, it is bothered to get your intimate area waxed. So, keep your menstrual cycle dates in mind during choosing the date for an appointment.
  3. If your skin type is ‘delicate’, just remind it your beauty expert.
  4. Avoid shaving for at least 2-3 weeks before the waxing.
  5. Make sure that your skin should not liable to over reactions.
  6. Take a shower and abstain from using any lotions surrounding the bikini area you get a Brazilian wax.


Benefits of Brazilian Wax:

  1. It is speedy and successful process of feeling soft and polished in your sensitive area.
  2. It is hair removal technique to make you feel hair-free at least a month.
  3. When you regularly done it, hair gain become scattered and silky.
  4. If finished under expert inspection, it dispute no itchy and annoying.
  5. If you want to explore yourself in a swimsuit or a bikini, so it makes you feel confident to exploring.

By Miracle Beauty Salon


It's been almost three decades since Brazilian wax was introduced to the United States by seven Brazilian born sisters, yet it still remains the most popular hair removal method in the United States.

Brazilian waxes differ from regular bikini waxes because hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between. A "landing strip" is typically left in the front, but some clients opt for everything removed. With a cleaner bottom, you can opt to have Vajazzling done - a temporary crystal tattoo placed in the bikini area, which has become a popular beauty trend.

ThisBrazilian Waxing will help you prepare your skin, take the pain factor down, get an idea of what to expect at your appointment while minimizing bumps and irritation. Many men and women opt for this service because they want the entire bikini area almost or completely hair-free. You need to be cautious whenever you removed hair from any area. With the specialty nature of the Brazilian, it should be treated with extra care.

What are some useful tips to keep in mind?

The first time may be the most painful, but frequent visits will cut down the pain factor. Normally, you can go back every 2 - 4 weeks. After more visits, your hair will be thinner and finer.

Your skin is most sensitive when you consume alcohol. Make sure you do not drink alcohol at least 4 hours before your appointment. So indulge afterwards!

Try to avoid working out right after you treat yourself to a Brazilian wax to avoid irritation in your most delicate areas.

By Miracle Beauty Salon


Waxing is a semi-changeless approach to expel hair from the root, taking anywhere in the range of 2 weeks to a month and a half for hair to become back. We have to be careful when we doing waxing on skin. It has been demonstrated extremely viable in evacuating a lot of hair without a moment's delay, with milder re-development when contrasted with shaving which brings about hard stubbles.

Our salon has many facilities including waxing. After the waxing, most of women prefer facial treatment for face because face is become the first beauty. The drawback to waxing is torment, which can be exceptional in delicate ranges, or for individuals with touchy skin. It is likewise normal to experience redness, puffiness, knocks or disturbance and ingrown hair from waxing. Redness and bothering however die down in a couple of hours, if not around the same time.

We are also professional in threading for sensitive skin. Women face is not complete without threading. In Atlanta our salon has professional artist who make you beautiful and goegeous.

By Miracle Beauty Salon